Focal Solutions Inc. (FSI) is one of china’s leading Export houses. We have our own manufacturing units as well as diversified interests in many production units.

Our core business is supplying / exporting Chinese origin Equipment, Machinery, raw materials and commodities to our valued customers all around the world.

About Us

Smart Global Companies have enhanced their competitive advantages by relocating their supply chain operations to China. Successful Business entities all over the world understand this fact clearly that in order to beat competition, their inputs must be obtained from highly competitive sources. China, due to its huge industrial base has emerged as the only source of uninterrupted supply of quality inputs at very competitive rates.

Our Services

We establish and comprehend requirements of our Customers to source products and solutions either from our own production or from the best suited Chinese manufacturers to meet their expectations. This is followed with an appropriate sourcing strategy.

Secure payment terms, Quality & Inspection, Unlimited Quantities, Low cost solutions, reliable manufacturers, Regional network, Pre-sales visit by Chinese Engineer.