Focal Solutions Inc.

Our Services

Comprehending requirements of our Customers:

We establish and comprehend requirements of our Customers to source products and solutions either from our own production or from the best suited Chinese manufacturers to meet their expectations. This is followed with an appropriate sourcing strategy.


Network of our Regional partners

In order to make sure that our Customers are served with prompt responses, we have developed the network of regional partners worldwide. These partners serve as the bridge between our Customers and us, and are entrusted with the following essential responsibilities:

  • Act as a local contact point for Customers
  • Facilitate meetings, negotiations and coordination with our Technical and sales teams
  • Identify the needs of Customers and coordinate with us for timely resolution
  • Provide intelligent feedback about the requirements of Customers, based on their extensive market knowledge and penetration

Sales Visit

Pre-sales visit by Chinese Engineer to provide technical consultation for hi-tech Engineering products

In order to better understand the technical aspects and help Customers get expert opinion about the application considerations for hi-tech machinery and equipment, our Chinese technical team, being field experts, is available to visit end-users to share its profound experience and lessons learnt from the case studies of similar applications. We propose our Customers to avail this service, once they build the initial business proposition, and our Engineers would be on their doorsteps, unleashing their technical expertise to the utmost satisfaction level of our worthy Customers.

Providing complete Satisfaction about the Genuineness of Manufacturer

Our applied procedure for supplier evaluation are very strict and proven. We, however welcome our valued Customers to inspect the Supplier’s facility along with us to get complete consolation about the quality and repute of the manufacturer, prior to placing an order. We facilitate, by every possible means, Customers’ visit to the supplier’s facility in China to verify the legitimacy of the Supplier, thereby eradicating any doubts and giving complete peace of mind to our Customers.

Low Cost

Offering Low Cost Solutions to give Competitive Edge

Our low-cost products and solutions eventually help our Customers in considerable cost savings. This puts them miles ahead than competition in terms of gaining competitive advantage. Customers can bring radical increase in revenues by reinvesting resultant savings to improve their processes and core competencies. This paves way for them to offer their products and services at highly competitive prices to create, maintain in or boost their competitive edge.

No Limitations

No Limitations of Minimum order Quantities

We generally don’t put any restriction on the minimum order quantities and are ready to supply products even in lower quantities (provided it does not hurt the commercial viability). This helps our Customers manage their procurement streams conveniently and efficiently.

Quality Control

Pre-Shipment Inspection Services

We provide our Customers with shipment inspection results, including pictures, prior to its departure from China port. We ensure that the products are in 100% compliance to their specifications.

Business with Flexible

Business with Flexible & Secure Payment Terms

Our payment terms are safe and flexible – we don’t let our Customers trapped in risky transactions, as their comfort is central to us.

Ensuring Quality

Ensuring Quality & Control of the Products Offered

We evaluate supplier’s capability to meet Customers’ requirements. Through our strong network of contacts in China, we identify and vet credentials of suppliers to be in line with Customers’ budget, technical attributes, quality, and lead time requirements.
We do not offer our Customers solutions before having a comprehensive assessment of the supplier’s business integrity and capability in respective areas. Through our meticulous vendor-evaluation criteria, we sort out traders claiming to be manufacturers from the genuine suppliers.
First, we build our own conviction level to understand the Supplier’s strategy in terms of the appropriateness of the product offered and how it could bring value-addition to the operations of our Customers. After getting ourselves thoroughly certain in all these areas, we then embark with the offer.